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Anger Management on Tennis Court

Anger Management on Tennis Court

Anger outbursts can lead to a tennis player’s failure in a few minutes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bad call, inconsistent backhand, or bothersome injury, there occurs a point in every match upon which a player’s emotions become obvious. Fighting with anger may appear futile, but it’s a vital skill to master if you intend to become a competitive player. This tennis tutorial examines the significance of managing your emotions, and exposes useful anger-quelling strategies.

Mental Gymnastics

Regardless of what you presume, handling your emotions is a matter of skill. There’s a reason behind why many professional players appear to be stolid and composed at all times: they are particularly devoted to fine-tuning their mental tactics. Keep some of these guidelines in mind and you will learn how to play with confidence and persistence, which are crucial components for success.

It’s All Fun & Games

Basically tennis is a relaxing, physical activity. You can forget about domestic tensions as you revel in the sunlight, interact, work out, and spend time with a friend. Nevertheless, a friendly game can turn into a fierce fight as the desire to win occasionally overpowers the friendly aspects of the game.

Tennis is meant to be enjoyable — you should always retire from the court feeling cheerful, whether you’re contending for a title or playing tennis with a partner. While it’s easier said than done, rid yourself of any tension or anxiety, and don’t obsess over the potential outcome. You are most likely to tighten up and make more mistakes if you focus on failure, which disturbs your confidence and diminishes your overall performance.

Most players accumulate the errors as their aggravation rate rises, so you need to have a short-term memory and take pleasure in spending your time on the court. Mistakes are essential part of the game, so leave any error behind you and concentrate on what you can control: the following shot.

Anger Breeds More Anger

Just like a snowball going down a steep mountain, gathering the snow on its path and tremendously increasing its mass, anger feeds off of itself and results in more anger. The moment you discover yourself cursing at your racquet, pause for a second to calm down. Even if you necessitate a 10-second break before your next serve or some fruit at the time of your changeover, try to restore your composure.

Competitors enjoy playing against an upset opponent; aggravated players are easy to rattle and push into making mistakes. You can’t afford to become emotional while playing a match, so focus entirely on the fuzzy yellow ball going over the net. You need to be able to realize when you are being overwhelmed with your emotions and eliminate the problem. By no means does anger improve your game, so stay in good spirits regardless of the situation. The more concentrated, driven, and collected player usually wins the match.

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  • Shane Mccray  ~  over 3 years ago Anger outbursts are quite common among human being, they are not able to handle their anger in different situations. Therefore, in most of the cases, they are unable to take effective decisions. The same thing is also applicable for tennis players, due to anger outbursts players are unable to gain their concentration on the game which diverts them from their goal. Whenever we show our anger and frustration in the middle of the game, ultimately we lost our concentration and also lost the game. So, it is quite better to maintain a calm attitude from the beginning of the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJTo932iRU4

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