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Dictate The Tempo Of Learning Tennis Techniques

Dictate The Tempo Of Learning Tennis Techniques

If you are looking for a fun way to keep your body in shape - tennis is the right sport for you. It’s interesting and beneficial in so many different ways. If you are new to this and you haven't had the chance to play tennis before, you should learn some basic things about tennis before actual play. The effort you put in learning new techniques can make the significant difference between being a good player and an excellent one.

There are three main types of tennis court surfaces. Every surface has certain advantages and the ball bounces differently, which requires modifying your playing style accordingly. Grass is considered to be fast court, but it can be uneven and cause the ball to bounce in an unusual way making it hard to return fast shots. Hard court surface is fast court that has a good consistent bounce of the ball and it is the most popular type of tennis court. A clay court is usually much slower surface and tennis balls often lose speed when they hit the court. The ball bounces higher on a clay court than on other surfaces.

Learning to play must be gradual and most people choose to hire a tennis coach in order to learn from a professional, and later on join a tennis league so they can practice. There is a local flex tennis league for sure in the city you live in, so join one and start practicing with the players that has similar skills as you do. Improving your tennis technique will take your game to another level. Be patient and don't expect to learn everything at once. If you carefully watch the way that your favorite player hits the ball, it can help you to focus on developing tennis strokes that do not break under pressure. Proficient tennis technique means having a stroke that is biomechanically efficient, adaptable to various conditions and explosive.

Footwork, position and balance together with the correct tennis technique are a good start. As you learn the techniques of the game you can introduce new tactics, since these are important for improving your tennis skills. Learn how to deceive your opponent, keep him guessing what you will do next. Tactics such as where do you want your next shot to be in relation to where your opponent is on the court, are examples of what it will take to win the tennis match.

Keep in mind that training is not the only preparation for a player. There are many other things that should be done before a player comes to the court to play, such as planning nutrition. In order to give your body everything it needs, you will need to plan your meals and drink plenty of water, so your body is hydrated during the match. Tennis player consume plenty of fruit and vegetables and avoid smoking and consuming alcohol so they can truly give their best on the court.

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  • Shane Torres  ~  over 4 years ago I am completely agreed with the fact that; if we want to keep our body in shape then tennis is the right spots for us. Apart from tennis people are also going for playing soccer, basketball and swimming. But nothing is better than tennis; here in this article we can get some beneficial techniques and tips on playing tennis and hope while trying these tips we are able to be a smart tennis player. http://www.slideshare.net/tennisballproject/tennis-server-tips-and-techniques

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