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Enjoy The Game And Be Protected While You Play

Enjoy The Game And Be Protected While You Play

Playing tennis is a true pleasure once you learn all the rules and practice regularly. If you are not satisfied with your strokes, you can improve them with hard work and practice. Watching professionals play will help you to improve your strokes, since you will see the exact moves so you can repeat them and correct some of the mistakes you were making.

The forehand and backhand are the main areas to focus on. The tennis technique on the forehand and backhand doesn't require great strength, but the right technique is absolutely necessary. Dedicating your time to learn these key elements of preparation on the groundstrokes will allow you to hit better shots on a consistent basis which will give you the advantage over the opponent. You game will improve the more you play. If you can’t find a partner to play with, you can always join a local tennis league and start playing. Position and balance together with the correct tennis technique are important and as you learn the techniques of the game you can introduce new tactics. After a while you will be able to use more advanced techniques and tactics.

Finding a tennis partner is hard, so joining a local tennis league may be a good idea, since you won’t have to worry about that. You will be able to play with tennis partners on regular basis at a time convenient for you, so you can get the most of it. You can also find a good tennis coach who will show you how to perform certain shots. Good coach will have certifications and may be found on USPTA, (United States Professional Tennis Association) or ITF, (International Tennis Federation) for international searches. Tennis lessons usually have different stages and it is important that you start from the right one that is appropriate for your skill level.

Before you actually start playing, you should have good equipment, so you can avoid every possible injury. Proper equipment should consist of the appropriate tennis clothing, shoes and a racquet or you can ask your instructor later on for recommendations. Find the model that fits you completely and there are many models to choose from. Considering that tennis consists of fast movements, your feet need to be protected on the court.

Nowadays, advances in tennis footwear technology have created cushioning systems that are lighter, more comfortable, and better at removing moisture than in previous years. New cushioning materials include EVA which offers lightweight cushioning but not as much stability and durability as other materials. Polyurethane is a much denser and durable material used for cushioning and it also increases stability but is heavier. These cushioning materials provide additional padding where it is needed and wick away perspiration. The characteristics of your feet and body will determine what type of tennis shoe is most comfortable and effective for you, so larger and heavier players may prefer heavier shoes that provide extra support while smaller players may prefer a lightweight shoe.

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