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Few Guidelines About The Right Way To Serve In Tennis

Few Guidelines About The Right Way To Serve In Tennis

Having enough knowledge about tennis rules is an absolute necessity if you want to play. Knowing how to serve is one of those things. There are various types of serves that you must learn to perform. Being competent in performing various serves will let you have an advantage over your opponent. You can mix up all these serves in a single game in order to confuse your opponent making it harder for him to win a point. 

The Flat Serve gives you the speed, so your opponent won’t have time to react and prepare for an appropriate shot. This service will preserve your energy and you will win a point easily, but it is also easy to learn how to do it.  If you are right handed, perform this without making the ball spin and just work on driving the ball to the court. On the other hand, performing this will give you less time in getting to the net. If you are rather short, it will be difficult for you to get over-the-net clearance without slight spinning. If the opponent gets the ball, it will come back to you quite fast because the power you have generated will merely be thrown back at you.

The Slice Serve is easy to learn as well. With this throw, the ball will bounce low, into or away from the body of your opponent. In addition, you can throw or jam the opponent from the court by using the spin. There is also high percentage of going in with this service. The ball must be brushed at the right side so it will be driven through to the court.

When you use the Kick Serve, you should know that the ball will bounce high into or away from the opponent. The ball will also bounce on the opposite direction at which it reached the ground, so you can have adequate time to get to the net with this difficult to attack serve. If your opponent is not that experienced, he/she will be thrown off by your service. The ball should be brushed from low towards high, but if your tennis partner manages to hit the tennis ball off the rise, the serve's efficiency will be reduced and disallow the ball to reach farther distance. Plus, you might find this serve challenging to learn.

The Topspin Serve will give you enough time to reach the net after you have given this service. This service also gives other advantages such as high bounce, impressive consistency and difficulty to be dealt with by your opponent and it can be easily learned. More spin will be achieved if you brush the ball harder. However, its effectiveness will be reduced if the opponent can hit the ball at off rise and therefore not be able to bounce high. This serve can also be easily seen coming by your adversary.

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