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Few Tips For Improving Forehand, Backhand And Serve

Few Tips For Improving Forehand, Backhand And Serve

Most tennis players improve their skills through trial and error. Tips and instructions can help you a lot with this. The process of improving in tennis is based on the proper mindset, hard work, and correct instruction. Keeping an open mind will definitely help you a lot with fulfilling your goal. If you learned to play in one way and a tennis coach shows you the other way, don’t be afraid to try it out.

Even though it is obvious that you need to bend your needs, pay attention to this. Many players, especially beginners, forget to bend their knees. Bending your knees will put your body in the optimum position to jump into action for a return. It is also very important to keep your eyes on the ball when you make contact.

Keep your balance, since it is essential to good tennis. When completing your groundstrokes, you may find you’re bending your front knee more than your back knee, and consequently, you’re leaning forward at the waist and falling into your stroke. You will correct this if you bend your back knee more than your front knee on both forehands and backhands, and you won’t hunch over or lunge to reach your shots.  

Wrist should be positioned in a way that will help you to have the necessary control. As you prepare for your strokes, make sure to lay your wrist back because this allows you to align the strings so that they hit the ball much sooner. Making certain to lay your wrist back will also stabilize the racket, so that you’ll have increased control when the ball strikes the strings.

Footwork, a small jump with both feet at the moment you hear the sound of your opponent’s racket hitting the ball, will increase your chances for winning a point. If you notice your opponent is a bit winded after a long point, aim your next serve directly at him or her. Playing matches is fun, but it puts an emphasis on winning rather than improving. Acknowledge deficiencies in your technique and practice with an emphasis on those areas, rather than playing a match in which you’re using your best skills and avoiding your worse. Work on exploring various techniques, feel free to make mistakes, and develop as a player, since practice is really the only way you’ll learn how to improve in tennis.

Prepare your body for intense matches. Jogging provides endurance, but sprinting aids speed, so try sprinting short distances in various directions as you would during a match. Incorporate hops and jumps to develop your agility and quickness on the court. Make sure you have the right equipment. Don’t play with the wrong racket or shoes, because you won’t be playing optimally, and you may get injured. The market is full of different racket brands and features, so try out few before you actually purchase one.


  • Louis Carney  ~  over 3 years ago For every tennis player, it is essential to learn some basic tips on different tennis techniques. The essential technique that includes tennis serve techniques, improving forehand and backhand techniques and many others. We may learn these kinds of techniques from a professional coach and while implementing these techniques we may able to be a perfect tennis player. Thanks for such wonderful techniques and I hope from the below link we learn some better techniques. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2oXhmg3p1o

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