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How to Stay Positive throughout the Tennis Match

How to Stay Positive throughout the Tennis Match

What characterizes professional tennis players is their firm resolve, and their aggressiveness is clearly visible in their play. Besides being willing to take risks even when they are far behind, they rarely lack self-assurance and they are entirely concentrated on winning the point. Nevertheless, when you are losing the lead, it might seem to you like you are losing the ground beneath your feet. The following guidelines outline the ways to remain optimistic while on a tennis court regardless of the outcome.

Turn the Tables

It’s rather difficult to find comfort when you’ve lost your lead, but you need to draw your motivation through failure. Instead of dwelling on your weak performance, focus on determining the aspects of your game that could benefit from improvement. For instance, rather than smashing a racquet against the concrete surface, recognize what your shortcomings are and discover what’s causing these issues. You’ll hardly improve your play overnight unless you are putting in a lot of effort into practice on a regular basis.

One point at a time

Focusing solely on the following shot and playing one point at a time so as to remain positive throughout the match is entirely up to you. Don’t beat yourself up over the previous point or the overall performance. Instead, concentrate all your efforts on what lies ahead – the next shot. Assuming you’re down 15-40, you shouldn’t alter your approach entirely or take it as given that the match is over just because you’ve lost the lead.

The Overall Picture

Even though the following suggestion might be of little use to you during a match, it is important to follow this advice if you wish to advance on the court: think of long-term objectives. Even better, start immediately, by composing a list of goals together with an achievable timeframe. For instance, commit yourself to playing tennis on a regular basis within the following month, try signing up for a couple of tournaments, or devote yourself to increasing your first serve percentage over the course of the following year.

Determining your objectives is a means of remaining motivated, and the sense of persistence can translate to other areas of your life as well. Once you have set your goals, you are bound to stay motivated and driven. Even though you might not have been graced with talent, you can outdo your opponents and get inspiration from the setbacks. Mental toughness and self-discipline are the traits that eventually separate winners from losers.

Test Your Mettle

Since tennis is basically an individual sport, the majority of players have a tendency to crumble under pressure. The pressure has proven to be overwhelming to some, and it is quite common for beginners to struggle during the first few points. But it all basically comes down to overcoming anxiety. If you invest enough effort into practice and work on improving your game, you’ll be far less anxious before the following match and able to stay grounded and cope with pressure.

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