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Indoor Tennis Courts - Advantages

Indoor Tennis Courts - Advantages

There is no doubt to one fact; tennis offers numerous health benefits. For this reason, it is not wise to declare a temporary moratorium on the game even in extreme cold. Just look for an indoor court in your locality and have fun. You should play indoor tennis for the following reasons.

1.It is good for your joints

If you are a tennis player with weaker joints, you would love to play the game indoors. The carpet field does not cause much impact on your muscles as its hard-surface variants. You are also allowed to play faster when compared to playing outdoors.

2.You don’t lose balls

When playing outdoors, you should take as many balls as you can. A single powerful swing would throw away your ball into thin air along the fence. In an indoor field, you can go back home with all the balls you brought for the game.

3.You don’t have to fight with nature

An indoor court allows you to play tennis whenever you want. Enquire with any number of experienced players as you want; they would tell you, your game is dependent on the wind. It can build up or destroy the force of your ball.

4.You don’t need an extra gear

When playing outdoors during winter or when it rains, you would have to ensure additional supplies in your pack. This trouble gets eliminated in an indoor court.

5.Your speed increases considerably

This is a natural benefit which happens when the weather remains consistent. You don’t have to depend on nature to be able to play well. This in itself makes indoor court a better choice than their outdoor variants for older adults.

6.You are allowed to play for long

In an indoor court, you don’t have to deal with the heat of the sun. It implies that you are allowed to exercise more when compared to the time you may spend outdoors. Still, do not ignore the habits you acquired during that time. Drink lots of water. If you have to play in a low temperature than usual, be prepared with some hand warmers.

7.You stay active all the time

Rustiness is a trouble most of the players face when they decide to come out to a tennis court in warm weather. If you know how to play both indoor and outdoor, you can keep on improving without turning back. Those who stay inactive during winter have to spend some time to refresh their skills before being able to play well in warmer climate.

Some indoor court facilities even offer cardiovascular sessions. This helps you compensate for the loss you might suffer by not playing outdoors.


There is nothing without minor issues. The same applies to playing indoor tennis. Here are some of them.

A.Poor lighting may cause trouble

Good lighting is an essential element of a tennis match. Most of the indoor courts are poorly lit. Quite naturally, games fail to boost the spirit of competition.

B.Low temperature

If you are a player who has experience playing both indoors and outdoors, you know one thing for sure. Tennis courts generally are warmer at the outside. Having to play in the lowest temperature possible would definitely affect the bounce-rate of your balls. This is going to cause serious trouble for someone who is not that familiar to adjusting shots accordingly.

C.Lack of space

In an outdoor tennis court, you have lots of space to run around. This may or may not be available in an indoor field. Experiences inform that the opposite is the case most often. You also are limited by the ceiling in an indoor facility.

Flex tennis league

Tennis facilities improved so much that even a busy schedule does not have to affect your fitness efforts. Locate a flex tennis league in your locality and arrange a match. The requirements may vary depending on the club you choose. But, most of them allow you to play a few matches as your schedule allows. A renowned flex tennis league will also have frequent status updates for its members. Finding a league in your area is not a tough job. Explore the Internet. A majority of clubs would have websites which get updated at regular intervals. Find the one in your area and join it.


Some helpful tips

Do the following to make sure that you are able to enjoy tennis irrespective of the weather.

I.Join local clubs

This is great for those who play just on the weekends. There are numerous clubs hosting tennis parties on weekends. Be a member in anyone of them.

II.Look for guest passes

Certain clubs may even allow you to play as a guest. However, you will have to find a friend who can help you in the matter.

III.Find players that are willing to winter tennis

Finding right opponent can be very difficult, even more in winter since people generally spend less time playing tennis in winter. However, you can join flex tennis league website eTennis League where you can always find players from your area, ready to play, no matter on season and weather. You can find players that have membership in indoor tennis clubs and schedule matche with them as there guest and avoid tennis court costs. 

Learn indoor tennis and stay fresh and energetic all your life. Your body would thank you for the efforts taken. You don't have to compromise with your fitness goals. Register for eTennis League now and schedule your indoor tennis match!


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