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Novak's tennis equipment

Novak's tennis equipment

Making an investment in quality tennis gear has a huge impact on the enjoyment and success that is derived from the game. The gear that is utilized can in many ways either make or break the effectiveness of your tennis tactics.

While it's true that tennis equipment can be found to suit a variety of budgets, a good rule of thumb is to invest in the best equipment that you can comfortably afford. This is because poorly built gear made with low-quality materials can actually hinder your improvement and lead to a great deal of frustration.

Playing tennis with sub-par tennis gear often results in the development of bad playing technique in an attempt to compensate for the loss of performance which that sub-par gear can lead to. The formation of bad habits can often take years to rectify. It is in many instances far harder to unlearn a bad habit than it is to embrace a good one. Once muscle memory takes over and movements become practically automated, undoing those habits will require a great deal of effort.

Proper tennis equipment will facilitate the creation of a sound playing foundation which will serve you well for the rest of your playing experience in the years ahead.

Here you can see what tennis racket did Novak Djokovic, currently the world tennis player No1, use at Wimbledon, last year. Maybe this is your next tennis racket. Good luck at the court.


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