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Start Including Tennis in Your Routine

Start Including Tennis in Your Routine

Spring is just around the corner, and there is no better time for new beginnings!

In the name of new beginnings, this post will mainly be dedicated to those who may or may not like or enjoy watching it, but have one thing in common – they’ve never played it or perhaps tried once or twice when they were younger.

Tennis is the name of the game and you should play it! We’ll mention some very important benefits it brings and help you run out of excuses.


It’s never too late to start playing.

It doesn’t matter how old you are: 35 or 65 – anybody can play. There are a lot of different people who play tennis recreationally, some younger, some older, some good at it, some not so good at it, some competitive, others just show up. Don’t listen to those saying that adults cannot develop correct techniques and learn proper tennis. So what? It’s obvious that you won’t start pro tennis career in your late twenties or forties. You might never become the best and might never ever pull off a jump smash, but who says you cannot keep trying? And not everything is in landing a perfect swinging volley – some people just want to move their desk-job behinds, relax and have tons of fun on their afternoon off.


Just start

It doesn’t matter that you don’t have fancy clothes or equipment, or equipment at all for that matter, just borrow it or rent it, get some old clothes on and hit the court. Don’t spend a lot of money before your even try. Fall in love with it first and the rest will come. After you make tennis a part of your life, just make sure you get a light, flexible, arm-friendly, not too large racquet with a synthetic, full natural or multifilament gut. Wear decent shoes with good lateral support (don’t play in running shoes) and make sure that the tip of your shoe isn’t too tight (there will be a lot of back and forth, run and then stop). 


Take it slow

Don’t overdo it. No 25 hours a week – start slowly, make a schedule and stick to it. You can’t and don’t have to learn everything at once. Start with the basics – try to learn how to serve (possibly over the net), then learn the forehand and then the backhand. No need to push and try some crazy moves, you’ll probably just get hurt. Make sure you drink a lot of water during matches. Hydration is the key and especially in the beginning. Always do a dynamic warmup before you start and static stretches after you finish playing. Pay special attention to your ankles, hamstrings and arms.


Hang out with people who play tennis

Start by inviting everyone – your friends, the friends of friends, family, coworkers. If no one wants to join, there are a lot of tennis players out there, and we can surely help you find them. eTennis League has developed a platform perfect for connecting tennis players in the same area. All you need to do is register, find new friends and organize friendly matches. Who knows? Friendly matches a few times a month can turn into participation in your first flex league. And we’d follow you every step of the way!

And remember: tennis players are friendly, so be friendly back. Before you know it, you’ll immerge into the community.


Practice makes it perfect

You can take private or group lessons, watch online videos and try to impersonate the moves, or get together with friends or other players and help each other become better together. You can also ask friends that are better than you to play together once or twice a month, just to keep you challenged, in case you are in to that.


Besides it’s a super fun sport, especially after you start playing it, it brings many, many benefits that you’ll love and certainly take advantage of.


You get fit fast

Another benefit of tennis is that you get fit fast, whether you planned it or not. It involves a lot of running, your arms and legs are constantly moving, your gluts working like crazy, your abs constantly engaged from all the balancing and turning and breathing heavily. You’ll get that toned physique you always wanted, but had to do all bunch of different exercises for it, so you never actually did.

You’ll improve endurance and strength and you’ll lose around 600 calories per hour in average! Good bye body fat!

In case you are already physically active, tennis can help you involve your brain more and can help you define your overall physique faster and better.

Tennis helps your cardio the most, since you need to be on your feet, moving towards wherever the ball is headed, sometimes slower, and sometimes you need to sprint. You learn how to breath, and your resting heart rate will come down, along with your blood pressure.


Your mind gets faster

Tennis is not only a physical game. You need to keep you mind in the game and constantly predict both your and your opponent’s next move. Like pool, it’s a lot of geometry and physics, only much faster and much more physically exhausting. So, it’s safe to say that tennis makes your think faster, and therefore, makes you smarter.

Tennis gets your whole body moving and it improves your hand-eye coordination and reaction times. Better yet, your whole-body coordination, as it requires you to coordinate your arms, legs and torso, and to do it faster than you thought possible.


You learn about yourself

Tennis helps you learn a lot about yourself, since you are the one in charge on the court and the whole game depends on your mental and physical performance. In case you eventually start playing doubles, you’ll learn to play in a team, and doubles tennis is less easy than you think.

You’ll eventually learn what kind of person you are. Because, it’s not about how good you are (good, moderate or not so good), it’s about letting the better side of you win. You’ll have to learn to depend totally on yourself, to get through difficult points, both losing and winning, you’ll need to motivate yourself and work hard on your weaknesses.

You’ll learn how to succeed – how to adapt, improve, develop your strengths, do what it takes to remain standing undefeated. Or, to lose with honor. Like in life.

Important: don’t get discouraged. Tennis has its complexities, but also many, many ways. You’ll eventually find yours.


To conclude, get carried away by the fine weather, mark the weekend for your first tennis play and have fun!


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