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Tennis Tech You Must Have In 2017

Tennis Tech You Must Have In 2017

Fitness trackers and sport accessories have become quite popular in recent years. Most of these are suitable for numerous different sports, but specialized gadgets dedicated to specific sports are also on the rise and people can’t seem to have enough of them.

Although there are many traditional tennis players out there, tennis is no stranger to technology. It seems that top professional tennis players can’t function without the smart technology anymore, which is overtaking their apparel gear and lifestyle. Luckily, there are a bunch of new and exciting pieces of technology out there that are not available just to the pros, but to aspiring armatures, tennis enthusiasts and hobbyists as well. The purpose of these high-tech accessories is to mostly to help tennis players gain insight and improve their game, plus, tech-geeks among them will love them!

Here are 10 gadgets that we found to be quite cool.


1. PIQ and Babolat Tennis Sensor

This little thingy is the world’s first connected wristband with real-time display and a more sophisticated cousin of Babolat Pop wristband. It is a lightweight (9.8g) wristband device that tracks your performance data by using 13 different axes – velocity, height, G force, amplitude and trajectory of your shots. It picks up forehand, backhand, serve, overhead and swing speed.

The coolest feature is probably that the data can be seen on the wristband LED display in real-time. More detailed stats are sent to your smartphone app. You can compare your scores and other data with the Babolat Pop community and issue challenges to your friends.

Amazon US ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars

2. Babolat Play Connected Rackets

These brilliant rackets come with a sensor which is embedded in the handle, and the racket is synced with an app via Bluetooth if you’re using a smartphone or a tablet, or you can connect it to your computer via USB cable. The app monitors and records your performance data, allows you to track your progress toward upper skill levels, and enables you to share and compare your performance in the app’s community section with your friends and top pros. The dynamic interface changes according to your power, technique and endurance, and there are three types of rackets for you to choose from: Pure Drive (300g), Pure Aero (300g) and Pure Drive Lite (270g).

The battery life is around 6 hours, internal memory is around 150 hours of tennis game and the manufacturer says it is safe to play in a light rain. It pickups forehand, backhand, serve and overhead, as well as top spin, slice and a flat spin type. It measures your swing, ball speed and the longest rally.

Amazon US ratings: 4.2 (Pure Drive), 4.8 (Pure Drive Aero), 4.4 (Drive Lite) out of 5 stars

3. Zepp Tennis Swing Analyser

This is a 7.7g advanced motion-sensor that gets attached to the bottom of any racket’s handle. He sensor captures over 1000 data points per second which get sent to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Battery life is 5.5 hours and internal memory has a flash storage for up to 2000 swings. It can function with light water exposure

It tracks forehands, backhands, serves and overheads, top spins, slices and flat shots, records the power your generated with each stroke or over the course of the whole game, and the active time on the court. It also tracks how many times you hit the ball in and around the sweet spot, and its 3D serving feature is probably the coolest one – the sensor sees your serve in 360 degree from any angle in 3D serve mode.

Amazon US rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars

4. Adidas miCoach

This little 9g Speed Cell gets attached to your shoe and it helps you track your movement on the court. The sensor measures speed, distance, stride rate and maximum speed, and you get detailed feedback to your smartphone app. Battery life is more than 5 months with 5 1-hour workouts per week, and it is splash proof.

You can select a training program and get coached, get in-game rewards for real-life workouts, share your stats with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email, or compare them on miCoach website with stats of other players from around the world.

Amazon US rating: 2.9 out of 5 stars

5. Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

This little 8g Bluetooth tracking device goes on the bottom of your racket and provides insight about your performance. It picks up different swing types (topspin forehand and backhand, slice forehand and backhand, volley forehand and backhand, smash and attack-style serves), offers statistics and heat mapping. It also has a Live Mode Video feature, which means that it records each shot data along with the actual video footage, and Motion Shot feature, which means that it creates sequential photos, so that you can check your form and technique. Of course, you’re getting your data on your smartphone via related app. Battery life is around 180 minutes without Bluetooth and about 90 minutes with Bluetooth.

Sony partnered up with some big tennis industry names, so your Smart Sensor can go on the bottom of Wilson, HEAD, Price, YONEX and SRIXON rackets. Some of the models out there won’t be compatible depending on the racket’s production period, so make sure you check your racket’s compatibility on Sony’s website before you go ahead and buy. 

Amazon US rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

6. In/Out Line Call Device

Now, this is a cool gadget that acts like your own personal Hawkeye. It gets fastened quickly to any net post and its purpose is to detect tennis ball’s landing spot on the line in real-time. It signals with the light and sound if the ball was in or out, so no more fighting with your opponent over it!

However, we must mention, that it’s not precise enough for professional tennis players, because it operates with a margin of error of 20-30 mm, but it sure is good enough for recreational play or amateur tournaments.

The device also tracks the ball speed, spin and location (99% accuracy), shows the shot placement for both players with percentage by zone, and you get 1080p video replay of your matches, which is pretty cool.

7. Pulse Play

This neat little smartwatch weights only 26g and can be used for tennis, but also for squash and badminton, and its purpose is to keep track of the score. You simply need to tap the LED display every time you score a point and it gets updated. Even cooler part is that it syncs with your opponent’s band and app as well, and at the end of the match, the app records the final score which goes into both players’ match history and is calculated in each player’s ranking. The device is rechargeable via USB.

Pulse Play also created apps for the Apple Watch and Android band, so in case you already own one of these two devices, you can simply download the app and use it on your smartwatch.

8. Pocket Radar Ball Coach

The Pocket Radar is a tennis gadget meant to measure the speed of the tennis ball, so that you can track your hitting power. It gives you and instant feedback, so you can see what’s working and what is not right away

The device is capable of measuring speeds between 40 and 209 km/h (65-337 mph), which we believe is quite enough. Other powerful features are automatic hands-free Constant-On Mode, easy automatic triggering and built-in memory with 25 previous speeds.

Amazon US rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

9. Tennis Ball Dryer and Drink Cooler

This handy gadget has been awarded as Best Tennis Gadget of the Year by ACE Tennis Magazine. It is used for drying up to four tennis balls at the same time after play to give longer life to ball bounce, has a net measure to check the tennis net height, and it also keeps your drinks cool.

10. Bionic Gloves for Tennis

Bionic Glove is designed to provide steadier support, lighter grip, more control and it reduces hand fatigue. Twelve terrycloth mini-towels inside the glove help absorb moisture keep your hands dry during the summer, and warm during the winter. Coolon moisture control material on back of hand evaporates perspiration rapidly while offering flexibility and comfort with the racquet.

Amazon US rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars



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