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Top 3 Tennis Rackets In The World

Top 3 Tennis Rackets In The World

The racket that we know today is not what it was when the game first appeared. At first, it was made of wood and playing with it gave a player a completely different experience when compared to the playing with a graphite racket that players use nowadays.  Can you imagine what it would be like to see players playing with a wooden racket? It would definitely be interesting!

Three tennis rackets that have been around from the start are Wilson, Dunlop and Head. They continue to dominate and most of tennis players are using one of these. One may wonder what the secret of success of these tennis rackets is. More than 40% of players that participated in slams since 1968 used Wilson. At the beginning of this century, few brands appeared on the market and players started to win using them. These brands are Yonex, Prince and Babolat.

The Most Wanted Models

Wilson produced Steam 99S tennis racket with the newest technology. It is the latest innovative racket on the scene, designed to help players put better spin on the ball. It is available since the beginning of this year. It is able to accurately measure the spin placed on a tennis ball when hit by using Doppler radar technology. The interesting thing about this tennis racket is that it has fewer strings - the string pattern is a spread-out 16 x 15, as opposed to the more common 16 x 18 or 19 x 18. The company believes the racket can boost spin by up to 200 RPM. Simply put, more spins translate into more room to work the ball. Wilson truly produced a great racket! Even though they usually make rackets with smaller head sizes that come with smaller sweet spots, this one is much bigger, making it a perfect tool for tennis players.

Dunlop Aerogel 4D is made with Aerogel technology and 4D braiaded technology. Even though the Aerogel technology that Dunlop used for years was great, these new generation rackets are even better. Tennis players on any skill level can benefit from tennis rackets from Dunlop Aerogel collection. 4D braided technology increases racket stability, since the racquet frame features four-directional braided material at key points.

This tennis racket is constructed by using four braided fibers of superight S-glass fiber wrapped in an aluminum alloy sheath. One layer of 4D braiding is equal to four layers of standard carbon placed in four different orientations, so by using one layer that is four times more effective than standard carbon, the 4D racquet is not as big and provides great touch. This is an ideal racquet for the player who desires a great touch from lighter weight found in a control-oriented racquet.

HEAD Youtek IG Prestige Mid Tennis Racket is the most advanced tennis racket from this manufacturer. This racket is designed with melt-spun Innegra Fibers ingrated throughout the frame. The fibers increase comfort by offering a unique flex character that dampens harmful vibration and serve as a linking medium between the graphite to increase strength and longevity of the racquet.

The playability of the YouTek Prestige remains mostly unchanged thanks to the d3O material and its reactive nature. The material adjusts to the needs of the player, which gives for a result a firmer feel on faster swings, while remaining pliable on slower swings for improved touch. The smaller head size and dense string pattern offered incredible directional control and a surprising amount of spin as well.

Few Interesting Facts

Most professionals use Wilson and the most Grand Slams are won with this brand, so players going pro have the biggest chance of winning the Grand Slam by using Wilson. Spanish players are bound by law to use Babolat rackets. Head needs to sponsor a player who wins the Calendar Slam for the next 8 years to exceed the 54 slam total of Wilson.

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