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Turn Your Tennis Game Around - Serve and Aggressiveness

Turn Your Tennis Game Around  -  Serve and Aggressiveness

Tennis is a beautiful sport and despite practicing and learning all the rules, there will be times when you will find yourself losing your match. You can do a lot to turn your tennis game around in just couple of minutes. Make an effort to be little bit more aggressive during the match. This way, you will confuse the opponent and throw him of his game. With a little luck, you will turn things around, but even if you end up losing, you will lose knowing that you did your best.

If you can’t hit every other shot, you need to bring your focus back to the ball. Make sure you follow the ball before you hit it, because watching the ball after that won’t have much influence. You need to be always ready to react, so be attentive since you will need to react within seconds!

In case you are playing doubles and have trouble communicating with your partner, take a couple of minutes to talk about your strategy and encourage your partner by saying something positive! There is no point in blaming each other, you can only win with the joined forces. If you are feeling tired, take a break and eat something. It will give just enough time to catch your breath and keep playing with completely new and fresh energy.

Serve Properly!

If you are losing your natural rhythm of playing and you can’t serve right, take your time and concentrate. Remember that tennis serve is a smooth and silent delivery of the tennis ball over the net and strive to land the ball as precisely as you can. Stay concentrated and perform the serve properly!

Everyone has a bad day from time to time, so if you can’t get it right this time, remember that tennis is all about fun. Make the most of it and simply enjoy playing with your friends. You will do better next time, just learn from your mistakes and avoid them in the future.

The Rule You May Not Know

In case you are wondering if you are going to get one or two serves when you fault on your first serve, start playing the point off your second serve and then call a let, you will get two serves. Even though professionals know this, you may have not heard about it. The rule says: “In all cases when a let is called, except when a service let is called on a second service, the whole point shall be replayed.” This clarifies why there should be two serves. 

You should be aware of the two exceptions though. You won’t automatically get two serves, so if the ball rolls onto your court between your first and second serves, you might only get your second serve.  It depends on the time necessary to clear out an intruding ball. The receiver decides if there is going to be a second serve. The second exception refers to the case when the stray ball comes rolling onto your court during your second serve. If this happens, you get two serves and the receiver won’t be deciding about it.

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