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Ultimate Tips For Mental Toughness On The Tennis Court

Ultimate Tips For Mental Toughness On The Tennis Court

Besides preparing physically for the tennis tournaments, it is quite necessary to prepare mentally as well. Playing tennis demands great endurance on the court and great power of the mind. It is quite essential, no matter if you are professional tennis player or an amateur trying to learn the tennis basics. Sport psychologists find tennis very interesting for doing their research, especially because some players spend several hours each week just doing mental toughness exercises.

Focus On The Ball!

If you are frustrated or nervous, so you keep making mistakes, focusing on the ball will surely help you to block out all the negative emotions that can ruin your match. Even if you can’t stay focused right away, it will take effect soon enough, simply be persistent!

You may have noticed that it’s hardest to focus when you are preparing to return the serve. The pressure is too strong and you know that you need to do your best to hit the ball. If you missed the moment when your opponent actually hit the ball and now you struggle to react, here are few advices how to avoid this in the future:

  • Focus on one point, so you can clear your head in a second
  • Some players find verbalizing movement of the ball helpful

Try it, if it works for you, great, and if it doesn’t, don’t worry we have more tricks up our sleeves!

Don’t Get Too Critical!

If you notice that your mind starts being too analytical and you start thinking too critical of yourself, try to stop it and simply focus on playing the better you can. If you make a wrong move, try not to repeat the same mistake again. Do your best not to get frustrated if you make a mistake again – practice makes perfect, you will get it right after a while.

Develop More Than One Playing Style

If you always play the same and you don’t develop few playing styles, your moves may become too predictable, which is certainly not good. Besides, it may not work on the opponent you are playing with and it may have a negative effect on you. Having more options will help you maintain the optimism on the court. Knowing that you have several options will give you a choice, so you can create different strategies that you can use to beat the opponent. Being prepared for every possible scenario that can develop on the court will give you the necessary advantage.

However, this is not the only thing that learning to play different playing styles is necessary for. Watching tennis should be interesting, right? Well, only if the players know what they are doing on the court and want to entertain us! It is, after all, a wonderful way to spend our time and relax.

Appearance Is Important!

The way you look to your opponents is one of many important factors. If the opponent sees you as optimistic and alert, it will have a major impact on him and give you a necessary advantage. The right attitude on the court is truly important, so if your opponent is insecure, your readiness will cause enough doubt in his mind about winning the match.

Remember – You Can Have Fun Too!

Tennis is truly an interesting sport and even though everyone wants to win, this is not always possible. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but think about it as part of the learning process. This will take the pressure off and help you stay open-minded and ready to try different techniques in order to win the match. Try to leave all the everyday things outside the court and focus solely on the game. Good luck!

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  • Steve Lane  ~  over 3 years ago Before playing any tennis tournament, we should first prepare both physically and mentally. Apart from physical fitness, a player should be mentally prepared for the game, as it helps to improve the concentration power, attention, stay focus, and many others. So, player those are physically and mentally strong in the ground are perform well in the tournament; otherwise, the chance of failure will increases. Here in this article, we have found some suitable instructions, that must be following before any tournament. Thanks for such a wonderful post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJTo932iRU4

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