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Set Availability and Schedule Play

This Option is optional at this stage and utilized for scheduling friendly matches for singles, doubles and mixed doubles. This one feature is one of our inventions and shall be fully utilized in the future for league seasons, but we are waiting for players to get comfortable first with using this feature. We encourage you to set your availability so during the season play other players can see when you are available and plan around your schedule.
Go to your dashboard and click Set Availability. Now when someone is browsing your profile or wants to schedule friendly match they will know when you are open for play. This feature is optional.




Set your availability Monday-Sunday and let others send your friendly match requests that matches your schedule. During season play, your opponents will have option to know your availability which will help them to ask your for time that works for you.



When you invite someone for friendly match, you are required to provide 2 terms for the match.



After you enter two terms and click schedule your opponent receives email that match request has been created and from there your opponent can go to dashboard to respond. 



When clicked respond player is presented with 2 proposed times and 3 options to accept, reject or reschedule if proposed time doesn't work.



Assuming that match is accepted it is automatically showed in the match queue list on both player's dashboards. From there each player have option to reschedule, submit score and compare versus the opponent.



After match is complete go to your dashboard click set score and submit match score, rate your opponent sportmenship, enter notes about the match and submit score.



Note: This feature is available only for friendly matches at the moment. As we have more interest we will translate this system into season play.

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