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Playing Tennis in Winter

Playing Tennis in Winter

The end of October announces the closing of the tennis season in almost all parts of the country. But, for someone willing to take a bit of effort, playing tennis in the cold comes with numerous benefits. You get plenty of exercise, your skills are honed and you stay safe from bugs. They too try their level best to stay in hiding when the weather is too cold. All you need is a few extra layers of clothing. This too, you can throw away when you feel warmer as the game progresses. Encourage your local tennis league network to join you; the following tips would definitely tempt them.

Playing good tennis in winter

As mentioned above, you don’t have to set aside your tennis gear in winter. Just take a few precautions and you are well on your way.

1.Book in advance

Most of the clubs will take down their nets during winter. Make sure that you contact your favorite local tennis league in advance before making any arrangement. Remember, you have to prepare a lot with extra layers of clothing and a few other things to enjoy the game. Calling the organizers in advance will minimize disappointments.

2.Do not forget your sunglasses

During winter, sun appears lower in the sky. You have to wear your sunglasses to see well when playing tennis at this time. The number of gamers who can play well in the winter even with their sunglasses is quite limited. Still, they would definitely help.

You should also wear your gloves. Here too, you are going to have slight inconveniences; gripping the bat will be a real challenge.

3.Stretch for a few minutes

Your muscles will be more tensed in cold weather when compared to warm weather. This will have a negative impact both on the game and on your health when playing tennis. Start the game only after a few minutes of stretching.  In fact, you will have to do warm-up exercises at least for 10 minutes before you are able to play comfortably.

4.Learn to adjust shots

In cold weather, balls would not bounce as in warmer seasons. For this reason, you should learn how to play effectively. Try drop shots, flat or slice serves. These are known to be the most effective when playing tennis during winter. You may also heat some balls. The bounce rate would be quite high for some time. Afterwards, they will appear worse. You may also have to hit the ball a bit harder for so that it may bounce a bit.  Having a few extra hand warmers too may be of great help.

5.Be prepared to move around a bit

If you are someone concerned of your bodyweight, playing tennis in winter is the best exercise you can have. You will stay on the field for long with no or low humidity to disturb. Besides, you would have to move a lot into the court to face shorter balls. When hitting the ball, try to aim as deep as you can.  This would force your opponent to go lower to get the balls. However, adjust the shots in such a way that your rival may not hit every ball coming along.

Health benefits of playing tennis

If the members of your local tennis league refuse to join you in your efforts to stay fit in winter, you can mention the following observations. They are scientifically proven; doctors attest to all these facts.

1.       According to experts, tennis players minimize the number of causes for an untimely death. In fact, they eliminate hundreds of reasons.

2.       The game requires its participants to stay alert all the time. This boosts logical thinking; the brain always remains in a state of constant development.

3.       Those who love tennis are known to be positive and energetic. Studies show that no other game is as effective as tennis in this respect.

4.        The game protects your heart. Tennis lasts up to two hours. It is a good cardiovascular exercise. When playing, your heart beats fast and you burn much fat. As a result, it stays protected from the troubles like stroke and heart attack.

5.       Your muscle develops. Tennis asks your whole body to be on the move all the time. This is far better than exercises devoted to strengthen specific parts of one’s body. Renewed power for muscles and extra strength for your bones automatically follow.

6.       It improves coordination. As mentioned above, tennis requires you to stay alert all the time. It has lots of techniques asking for great coordination between your eyes, hands and legs. The more you spend time in a tennis court, the better your coordination abilities become. This is sure to have its positive impact on life as a whole.

7.       Tennis improves self-confidence. As you grow in the game, you start gaining lots of friends. Quite naturally, your self-esteem gets boosted. Other sports may help you gain self-respect. But, tennis beats them all.

The greatest thing about this game is that you can enjoy it irrespective of either your age or skill level. Just sign up for eTennisLeague for free and you will get someone to play friendly matches or you can join one of active winter leagues. 

Finally, a tennis league is a great opportunity to acquire new friends. No one would want to miss such a great chance to meet people from all over the nation. Play tennis; you will grow healthy, confident and live long. And, do not allow winter to spoil such a golden chance.


  • Chris Nichols  ~  over 3 years ago In different season we have different options for playing such as; football, basketball, badminton and tennis. But among all we need high level of stamina in football and tennis, so players are mostly facing problem during winters. But the fact is we have found several health benefits of playing tennis such as; weight loss, physical fitness improve stamina and others. So it is also beneficial to play tennis in winters and it controls our weight gain, blood pressure and other problems. http://www.slideshare.net/tennisballproject/health-benefits-of-playing-tennis-57678201

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