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Top Reasons To Play Tennis

Top Reasons To Play Tennis

Besides being fun to play, playing tennis has many other benefits. It is very good the health and body of a player, keeping it in a great shape. According to the research that was done for more than 20 years, tennis players who engage in this kind of activity cut the risk of death in half. Playing tennis helps with maintaining higher energy levels and it means a lot for the health of a heart.

Generally, tennis match can last from one to two hours, which is optimal for improving cardiovascular health. It helps with lowering the risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. In order to be healthy, you need to maintain blood pressure, a healthy body weight, reduce stress and be physically active. All these things contribute to the overall health, but is particularly beneficial for your heart.

Considering that a tennis player must be well prepared in order to be able to play during long matches, the player does a lot for his muscles and joints. Preparations consist of running and sprinting at times, which all contributes to the overall health improvements. Your body coordination will improve since you have to move into position and then adjust your upper body to hit the ball successfully. Bone strength and density increase, so that the young players decrease the chance of suffering from osteoporosis when they get old.

Live A Happier Life By Playing Tennis

Tennis trains your mind and body at the same time, which is not the case when working out in a gym. This results with greater confidence, decreased stress levels and more social interactions, making your entire life much better. Social interactions lead to making lots of friends, since people who have fun spread positive energy. If you are looking for a fun sport to play with your family, tennis may be just the right choice. There are no obstacles for playing tennis, anyone can try it. It is not limited to any age, gender, ethnicity, fitness or ability level.

The main reason why tennis helps individuals to be happier is because when you play, your body releases endorphins that improve your mood, reduce stress, increase optimism and even ease the symptoms of depression. Being stress free and mentally healthy has a positive impact on all areas of a player’s life. All of this will help you to be more ready to face all the things that you encounter in your everyday life.

Improve Your Memory With Tennis

The cells that transmit information between your brain and different parts of body are called neurons. The better connection between neurons, the better is transmission of information. In cases when you do something over and over again, the neural connections associated with that action become stronger and more fixed. Also, when you do something you haven’t done before, you develop new neural connections. Since tennis requires planning and tactical thinking, your neural connections will become better and stronger over time. Because there are lots of processes like these, you can improve brain function in ways that aid memory, learning, social skills and behavior.  

Tennis Teaches Kids Life Lessons

Playing tennis helps with developing work ethic, because there are no results without persistency and hard work. By investing their time into developing different techniques and monitoring this progress will help each child to understand better the importance of constant effort. Besides, tennis players learn sportsmanship and enhance discipline. It is very important to learn to compete and lose with dignity, cope with pressure and learn team work – all of this will come handy in everyday life and in the business world later on. Team work is the basic of the successful cooperation, so it is a pretty valuable lesson to learn.

eTennis League is a tennis portal that allows you to organize a tennis match with ease! We can help you find tennis partner easily, you just need to sign up and choose a skill level. After you finish that quick process, the rest is quite easy – simply arrange a match and play at the time that suits you. 


  • Paul Castillo  ~  over 3 years ago I am a huge fan of playing tennis, the best thing playing tennis is that it helps to keep us fit and active. During playing tennis, we should be active and keep moving from one side to another of the ground, which helps to maintain the blood circulation; therefore tennis players are less likely to suffering from heart and blood pressure problems. The best part of playing tennis is that it helps to improve our concentration power. There are so many health merits of playing tennis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJTo932iRU4

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