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Typical Tennis Superstitions

Typical Tennis Superstitions

The majority of athletes have certain superstitions varying from peculiar habits to bizarre rituals. Tennis players are quite similar in that respect. Some players have a tendency to be eccentric, whether this takes place before or throughout the course of a match. The following guide reviews several of the most common, yet peculiar, tennis superstitions.

There are certain rituals most people abide by to a greater or lesser degree, whether it is merely sleeping on the same side of the bed or putting on their right shoe before the left one. Even though it’s hard to account for such a quirky behavior, the aforementioned rituals help people get through certain tasks even if it is as simple as getting out of bed in the morning. Some tennis players are also known for abiding by some peculiar rituals, which are summarized below.

Some players have a tendency to avoid stepping on the tramlines either in between points or during a changeover. It is believed by some players that stepping on a line is a bad luck, so they cautiously step over or around them.

Proper nutrition should be of major concern prior to a tournament. It’s important that one has a well-balanced diet which consists of simple carbohydrates, protein, and polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Certain tennis players stick to a quite particular pre-match meal when it comes to their regimen which can last for months or even years. Similar to other rituals, tennis players stick to whatever works. If a player keeps on winning matches while on a certain regimen, there’s no reason to make any changes. Some tennis players commonly wear lucky pieces of clothes. Some of them have been reported wearing a single item of clothes, whether it is a pair of socks, shorts or a sweatband, during an entire tournament so as to maintain their winning streak.

Regardless of the type of sport, the majority of athletes uphold certain routines. For instance, some basketball players always have to dribble the ball a specific amount of times before even shooting a free throw. In a similar manner, some tennis players bounce the ball an exact number of times before serving. For example, a player may dribble the ball two or three times prior to his first serve, and eight times before his second serve. They might even go that far as to bounce the ball on the very same spot each time.  Some players make a big fuss about which ball to serve with, scrutinizing each ball and checking how much fuzz it has left. If they happen to score an ace against their opponent, they’ll stick with that ball for every first serve until the match ends.

Whether you are a believer in luck or not, more often than not people stick to certain habits on a daily basis. Whether it is eating the same meal on match days, or doing the same exact stretches before stepping onto the court, these routines certainly help athletes to prepare mentally as well as physically for an upcoming match. 

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  • Paul Gates  ~  over 3 years ago Superstitions are quite common with player and not even only in Tennis in different sports we have players with different types of superstitions. Players are used to carry their lucky t-shirts, shoes and other sports equipment during playing; their luckiest charm will definitely bring good result for them. Therefore most of the players are getting superstitious in professional field; in this above article also we can get some overview on typical tennis superstitious issues. It looks crazy and unbelievable. http://www.slideshare.net/tennisballproject/tennis-playing-techniques-that-suits-the-court-surface

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